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EBENDA  the original soundtrack to the film
Deputy Andy
The Fish
The Museum

Capitana Èlise
Sky to Sky

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the absolute peace. Stultification in the armchairs…

This record is an attempt of abandoning conventions. It is the idea of something being able to become real, just because someone can think it and feel it. It is the attempt of writing about thoughts that are beyond the frequently communicated. Just like you can shift your sky close to someone else’s and cut dresses off from lifesize puppets out of waterballoons.

Michi came up with a song called Deputy Andy. This is Europia.? Yes it was. And it was the frame: from Deputy Andy to Atlantic.

Furthermore I would like to thank Felix for all the hours he spent in getting the sound for this record. One more cup of coffee for the following! Hjörtur, Àrni and Dave: Thanks for your great artistic inputs, support, effort and patience. You are fantastic musicians. Thanks to Gabriele, Thomas, Katherina, Armela, Vedrana, Flo from Karma Tobacco, Kathi W., Martin, Irene und Stefan for everything and more.

“if a song is good, it may last over seven minutes. If it isn’t 2.50 is already too long” well that’s it, a starting point. Canned fish from the North Atlantic.


Chili Tomasson




All Songs recorded, produced , mixed and mastered by Felix Ofenböck




PEACECASTLEMUSIC 2015. all rights reserved.


You can buy this Record digitally on iTunes and Amazon or order it directly in physical form via email.

€ 10,-

Versand- und Verpackungskosten: 3,- € innerhalb Österreichs | 5,- € innerhalb der EU
Shipping and packaging costs: 3,- € within Austria | 5,- € within EU


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