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Invisible on Film - Chili Tomasson and the Cinema Electric

Invisible on Film

Ice Cream for the Decadent

The Chairman

Landscape on TV

Cutting Glass

In the Clockwork

Sexists in Public

The Middle East Correspondent


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A  mouth  full  of  ice  cream  and  a  bullet  in  the  head!

she had sex on the sofa. in the afternoon. she likes good conversations, but who doesn’t?!
now she is lying on the poolside. an ice cream cone in one hand, a revolver in the other. she was so bored. so bored - a mouth full of ice cream and a bullet in the head!


Chili Tomasson and the Cinema Electric present their new Album INVISIBLE ON FILM.

Emerging from the timeless city Vienna, Chili Tomasson and the Cinema Electric define a thin artistic line that touches Jazz and Fusion on one side and Trash on the other.
INVISIBLE ON FILM is a concept album that is structured similar to the way people watch TV. Sequence by sequence the listeners are led through images, stories and topics which repeat themselves, just the way they are repeated in public discourses and mass media.

Ignoring general hypes, trends and fashions, Chili Tomasson and the Cinema Electric have created a format that provides artistic space. Never tired, never simple, never looking back, - but always looking for a bicycle.



​NOTE:   This is music. Please listen to it respectfully. Enjoy it. Dance it. And please do lend this Album to people

            who cannot afford to buy it themselves. Please play this music in clubs, bars and public places.

            Thank you. 


David Bitschnau: drums and percussion

Chili Tomasson: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and 12-string-acoustic guitar, additional piano, synthesizer, string machine, Glockenspiel

Robert Wallner: bass guitar

Katharina Weinkamer: piano, electric piano, electric organ, bontempi, backing vocals


additional musicians:

Iris Marko: Cross Flute (8)

Fabian Tassatti: Tenor Sax (3,7)

David Saudek: Trumpet (7)

Manuel Schönegger: Trombone (7)

Paul Widauer: Tenor Sax (1,2,4,7)

Lorenz Widauer: Trumpet (1,2,4,7)

Maximilian Rehrl : Trumpet (1,2,4,7)

Sebastian Rehrl: Trombone (1,2,4,7)

Markus Gruner: Bariton Sax (1,2,4,7)

This Album was recorded at PEACECASTLEMUSIC STUDIOS from the 6th to the 10th of February 2017.

Additional Overdub Sessions took place from March to July 2017.




C P PEACECASTLEMUSIC 2017. all rights reserved.


all Words and Music by Chili Tomasson

arranged by Chili Tomasson

performed by Chili Tomasson and the Cinema Electric


produced by Felix Ofenböck and Chili Tomasson

recorded, mixed and mastered by Felix Ofenböck

Cover Artwork Photography by Jana Herzog

LivePhotography: Thomas Mey & Harald Gaukel

Graphic Layout by hARTenthaler

Inspiration and critique throughout the entire process of progress and stagnation: Daniela Schlager, Katherina Braschel and Lena Sams


A thousand ‘Thank You’s to Gabriele, Thomas, Katherina, Jana, Ciro, Julia, Helmut, Andrea, Miriam, Martin, Irene, Christina, Michi, Lisa, Dani, Flo, Lena, Yana, Georg, Mikael, David, Philip, Bernhard, Irmi, Martin and Martin. Thank you very much!

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