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abolition of the woman*

  1. a body

  2. 46 bullets

  3. January, -4 degrees

  4. she (instructions on a target)

  5. -

  6. a square meter of sea

  7. a definition

  8. the abolition of the woman*

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this album was recorded at PEACECASTLEMUSIC STUDIOS in October 2018 as a part of the Soundtrack to the Theatre-Performance CARRYING A GUN.


recorded, mixed and mastered by Felix Ofenböck

produced by Felix Ofenböck and Chili Tomasson

all words and music by Chili Tomasson


Rosie Benn: vocals

Chili Tomasson: noise, electric noise, ventilator, amplifier

Felix Ofenböck: drum-machine, synthesizer


cover artwork by Magdalena Sams

edited by Jana Ginger-Duke


a thousand thanks to Katherina Braschel, Daniela Schlager and Lena Sams for all the inspiration and critique throughout the entire process of progress and stagnation while working on this record. thank you so much.






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