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IceCream Sold Here - Chili Tomasson

Ice Cream Sold Here

01.  To Fall in Love with You

02.  A Coffee for the Road

03.  A Love Song

04.  The Day the Ship comes into the Bay

05.  To my Love

06.  Religiously Going Home

07.  Self Confidence Blues #2

08.  Oranges from Spain

09.  Standing at the Station

10.  Meet me in the Morning

11.  The Friendship Song

12.  Mr. Moon

13.  Monica

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Katherina and me arrived at Stansted Airport at 10pm. It took us a while to get through the security check because Katherina had an emergency passport and the security staff at Stansted is not really used to the unusual procedure of reading papers instead of scanning them.

Anyway, we arrived at Julie and Ciro’s House rather late, had some Spaghetti and talked about all the incidents that took place over the last four months.

The following morning Julie and Ciro decided to accompany Katherina and me to Brighton. We ended up in a seaside bar close to Brighton Peer, with blue plastic chairs and an “Ice Cream Sold Here” sign, having some coffee and chips.

“What’s your album going to be called?”, Ciro asked. “I don’t know yet.”, I said, “I’ve been thinking about calling it `Medicine and Sleeping Pills at a Modern Art Museum` but Felix reckons that this is no good title at all for it’s ways too long. But I couldn’t really think of anything else. Maybe something with Ice Cream.” “I think that almost everything with Ice Cream is very nice. Don’t you think so?”, Katherina said. “Ciro can take a picture of you in front of this Ice Cream Sold Here sign.” Julia said, ”Then you call the Album Ice Cream sold here and everyone’s gonna think you photoshopped the picture.”

And here it is; Ice Cream Sold Here.

It is a collection of songs that have been accompanying me over the last couple of years. I wrote them in different places, different situations and for various reasons. But they all tell stories. From different viewpoints though but it is the aspect of telling that unites all those songs.

Just listen, fall in love and let them be your company for a while.

This Album was recorded at PEACECASTLEMUSIC STUDIOS in August 2017.

all Words and Music by Chili Tomasson

recorded, mixed and mastered by Felix Ofenböck



C P PEACECASTLEMUSIC 2017. all rights reserved.

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